Schönox iFix™

Rollable Waterproof Sealing Adhesive: Unique 2-in-1 time-saving system for bonding Schönox AB in residential and commercial wet areas. Suitable in heavy loaded commercial wet areas. For interior and exterior use. Acts as a waterproof crack isolation membrane up to width of 3/16″.

Technical Data

  • Coverage
    • 105 sq.ft. / 10m per set
  • Ready for Covering:
    • After approx. 1 hour on porous substrates or after approx. 12 hours on non-porous substrates
  • Shelf Life:

    Store in cool, dry, frost-free conditions.

    • Powder component: 1 year unopened
    • Liquid component: 1 year unopened
  • Shelf Life Powder Components:
    • 6 Months
  • Working Temperature:
    • Not below 41°F floor temperature
  • Color
    • Powder Component Grey, Dispersion Blue
  • Packaging
    • 19 / pallet
  • Packsize
    • Powder component: 7.7 lbs./3.5 kg net weight in a paper bag
    • Liquid Component: 1.61 gallons/7.0 kg net weight in a plastic container

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