Schönox Installer Tips

Porcupine (Spike) Rollers

When pouring Schönox self-leveling compounds, especially Schönox APF, a porcupine roller can be used to break the surface tension of the product. Using the roller correctly will enhance your results with self-leveling projects.

Product Demos

Schönox AP

Schönox APF

Schönox AST

Schönox DSP

Schönox EPA

Schönox KH Fix

Schönox MR 18

Schönox Roll and Go™ Demonstration

Schönox RR

Schönox SDG

Schönox SEZ Plus

Schönox SHP

Schönox SL

Schönox US

Schönox US Demonstration

Schönox VD

Schönox ZM

Schönox ZM Rapid