Good Decisions depend on the information available to you. Whether you are renovating a room, a wing, or a facility, you want to know that your product selections are environmentally responsible and will perform well. Schönox produces primers, repair products, floor leveling compounds, adhesives, and waterproofing materials that can successfully take damaged, uneven subfloors through to finished floors ready for use. Allow us to brief you on the key aspects of Schönox that will inform your decisions and provide you with a better way to complete subfloor projects.

Renovated Before
Renovated After

How can subfloors be renovated rather than demolished?

It’s exciting to see the amount of reuse, repurpose, and renovation projects that are underway, but often subfloors are demolished in the process and sent to the landfill. The array of Schönox floor leveling products allows installers to leave subfloors in place. Rough, damaged, and uneven floors can be covered with Schönox products resulting in smooth, sound subfloors ready for covering. It’s a smart solution that is making a real difference in renovation work.

Are Schönox products made responsibly?

In business for over 120 years, Schönox manufactures its products in Germany under the strictest quality standards. The company is certified under the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental management standards. Our research and development division works daily to develop solutions that are innovative with regard to performance as well as environmental stewardship.

What is Schönox doing about air quality issues?

Schönox has invested heavily in air quality R&D for many years. The results speak for themselves. Every Schönox primer, moisture mitigation product, self-leveling compound, and adhesive qualifies for contribution to the Low-Emitting Materials LEED credits given their low or no VOC characteristics. It’s a strong air quality position.

What about air quality during installation?

Often spaces are in use immediately adjoining a renovation area. Dust can be a problem. Schönox has products in each of the floor leveling, patching, and waterproofing categories with dust reducing properties. These products can be mixed within the facility renovation area with minimal dust.

How does synthetic gypsum help with recycled content in your products?

Schönox has two self-leveling products and a patching compound manufactured using synthetic gypsum which is made from a by-product of the process used to purify emissions from power plants. This is a real environmental success story where the by-product is enhanced and fortified in our conversion processes and used to make subfloor products that include 48 to 52% pre-consumer material. The resulting Schönox products have incredible durability with compressive strength of at least 5800 PSI. And as with all Schönox products, none of our leveling products or patching compounds contain fly ash.

What about health and safety for installers?

The dust reducing properties of a number of our products that we discussed earlier are perhaps most important for installers. Schönox has gone far beyond this with research and development into how our products are installed. Our Roll and Go™ and Multifix adhesives are applied from a standing position. The importance of this cannot be overstated. Further, our iFix waterproofing system is also applied with rollers in a smooth, efficient manner. And perhaps our most significant contribution to the health and safety of installers is our producing a series of products that allow installers to renovate rather than demolish subfloors eliminating the dust and debris from that process and not disturbing the materials embedded in subfloors.

Your products are environmentally responsible, but do they still perform at the highest levels?

There is no compromise between product performance and environmental stewardship with Schönox products. Our extensive research and development efforts have produced dual benefits in both areas. And we don’t have a separate set of “green” products. We stand behind the attributes of all of our products.

Do you have a good answer for subfloors with asbestos cutback?

In many instances, subfloors with residual asbestos materials can be covered with Schönox self-leveling materials. The process is safe and offers a more affordable alternative to asbestos remediation efforts. (Always consult applicable government agencies regarding the removal of flooring and adhesives that contain asbestos.)

How does Schönox technology improve the subfloor process?

Our products allow projects to be completed faster addressing tough subfloor issues with a smarter use of installation labor. Our KH Fix primer dries quickly allowing floor leveling compounds to be applied in roughly 10 to 60 minutes. Substrates with moisture issues of up to 100% relative humidity are easily handled with Schönox EPA. Many times a quick turn is required with floor leveling projects. ZM Rapid allows many types of floor coverings to be installed 1.5 to 2 hours after application. The silane technology in our MSP Classic wood flooring adhesive has elastomeric properties that allow the movement of wood flooring in environments with fluctuating temperatures and humidity. These are just four examples; there are many more.

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