Subfloor Renovation Without Demolition

So much of a strong flooring installation happens before the first piece of flooring is installed. And getting to that point is most of the challenge. The last thing you want to do is go backwards with demolition of the subfloor followed by reconstruction efforts.

Schönox provides a series of subfloor solutions that allow you to move from critical substrates in need of attention to finished floors ready for use. And we save you time and money while providing a subfloor that will perform for years to come. Take a look at how to get from Here to There with Schönox.

Going From Here…

These days renovation projects far outnumber new construction efforts. And renovations just can’t turn into demolition projects.

…To there.

Schönox provides products that allow you to capitalize on your existing subfloor using solutions specialized to your specific needs.


We’ve seen every subfloor challenge and are ready to help.


There’s a Schönox product that will strengthen, smooth, cover, level, patch, and yes even heal your subfloor.

Ordinary Gypsum Substrate

Ordinary gypsum substrate has its place in construction, but its subfloor challenges during renovation projects are legendary.

Schönox Self Leveling

Pouring over ordinary gypsum substrate with the right Schönox self leveling compound is a quicker, less costly solution than demolition.

Old Asbestos

Removing asbestos is a specialized skill that many renovation budgets cannot handle.

Schönox Self Leveling

Don’t remove it.  Cover it.  And get a smoother floor installation in the process.

Old Carpet Glue

You’ve probably asked yourself how the carpet was ever removed with that much glue underneath. Then you ask how you’ll ever get the adhesive removed.

Schönox Self Leveling

The best answer is to cover it with a Schönox self leveler that gives you a like new subfloor for your new installation.  Well actually, it’s better than new.

Wooden Floors

Can LVT, vinyl, and tile floors be installed over wood?

APF + Renotex

They can now.  A combination of Schönox products makes this a strong and efficient option without costly underlayment materials.

Kneeling to Apply Adhesive

We even have a solution that will allow you to apply your adhesive for LVT flooring from a standing position.

Standing to Apply Adhesive

Schönox Roll and Go™ is applied with a roller from a fully integrated installation kit.

Negative Power Plant Emissions

While you are doing your part to make flooring installations their best, you’ll also be helping the environment.

A By-Product With A Second Life

All Schönox synthetic gypsum based products are made with a by-product from the process used to purify emissions from power plants.

From Start…

…To Finish!

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