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Target In Washington Heights

Schönox Renotex® 3D / RS 50 / AP Rapid Plus

Target’s 11th store in Manhattan planned for the Washington Heights area faced two potentially show-stopping subfloor challenges. First, the 25,000 square foot floor space was covered with plywood resistant to bonding with subfloor materials. Second, engineers imposed weight limits on the materials to be used to level the store’s substrate. A number of subfloor material makers were consulted before Schönox without answers to these significant challenges. Both issues stood in the way of the needed leveling of the subfloor’s high and low areas as well as preparation of the surface to receive LVT coverings. Schönox worked with Excel Flooring, developing

St. Andrews Episcopal Church

Schönox Renotex® 3D / RS 50 / AP Rapid Plus

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, St. Andrews Episcopal Church was built in 1901 with a California Redwood frame and a rough-faced Virginia granite exterior. With almost 120 years of service, the church requires periodic renovation work completed with careful consideration of the structure and its historical significance. St. Andrews is one of many structures financed and organized by Grace Arents, a Christian activist and philanthropist working at the turn of the 20th century. While a strong subfloor and new floor covering were desired, the project goals also called for minimal impact on the structure. The project

Commercial Appeal Healthcare Conversion

Schönox VD / SHP / XM / AP

Like several commercial facilities across the U.S., the four-story, 140,000 square foot, Commercial Appeal newspaper office and production building was converted for healthcare use in the wake of the COVID epidemic. The Commercial Appeal building’s historic property location has been home to three Memphis newspapers including Commercial Appeal, as well as a Ford Model T factory. The most recent building on the site saw decades of newspaper office and production use with massive printing presses. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Tennessee Emergency Management Agency spearheaded the initiative with aggressive timelines for all facets of the project. The subfloors

Green Bay’s Hotel Northland

Schönox SHP / KH Fix / AST / AP

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Hotel Northland opened in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on March 21, 1924, as the largest hotel in the state. For more than 50 years, Hotel Northland, with its status as a boutique hotel well-appointed with the most luxurious amenities, served as the social hub of Green Bay.

Martin Family Custom Home

Schönox KH Fix / US / iFIX

Custom residential homes are packed with special features. Many of those take the form of creative ceramic and porcelain tile installations in the bath and shower areas. A recent project in New Hope, TX incorporated a variety of thoughtful designs throughout the bath spaces.Showers with curved walls, insets, benches, interesting architectural shapes, and even windows combined to set this beautiful home apart.

Penn State South Halls Renovation

Schönox EPA / SHP / AP

The Penn State South Halls project encompassed the renovation of four residence halls originally constructed in 1956, the construction of one new residence hall, and the external & internal renovation of Redifer Commons, a shared space for students. In business since 1935 and a trusted construction partner with PSU, Nittany Building Specialties was one of a select group of contractors chosen to work in a design-assist capacity on the project.

Jackson Park Ministry

Schönox KH FIX / AP

Established in 1985, Jackson Park Ministries (JPM) is a growing organization providing the community with a wide range of needed services to help individuals and families become better parents, employees, and stewards of their finances. Whether the need is a meal, counseling, training, or in some cases a place to live, JPM is committed to making a real difference in lives using a biblical foundation.

Carolina Theatre

Schönox VD / AP

Opened in 1927, the historic Carolina Theatre in Greensboro, NC is a thriving performing arts facility. The Theatre welcomes nearly 90,000 people annually to its rich atmosphere and ambiance of an earlier era. Top acts grace the stage at this wonderful facility built in a Greek temple design with crystal chandeliers, gilded railings, marbled columns, and classical statues throughout the interior.

Hennepin County Medical Center

Schönox VD / AP

Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) is a Level I trauma hospital in Minneapolis, MN, the county seat of Hennepin County. The 422-bed facility is located on five city blocks adjacent to the Metrodome. The extensive transplant specialists, stroke experts, advanced endoscopy, and trauma surgery expertise attract patients from a wide area. HCMC has been listed among America’s Best Hospitals by US News and World Report every year since 1999.

Orlando Sanford International Airport

Schönox SHP / ZM

Recently the Sanford Airport Authority undertook the project to renovate the baggage claim portion of the airport. As with many renovation projects, the subfloor was an early concern. Consultants with Commercial Flooring Distributors and HPS Schönox were brought in to suggest a plan for properly preparing the subfloor. The heavy traffic of the baggage claim area and the rough concrete substrate were key factors in the project considerations.