We’re Schönox HPS North America, Inc. We’re Ön It.


Schönox HPS North America, Inc. specializes in manufacturing the most technically advanced subfloor solutions for new construction and renovation. Our innovative products include primers, moisture mitigation systems, subfloor repair products, self-leveling compounds, adhesives and waterproofing materials – all skillfully developed to be more time and cost-efficient.


Thomas Trissl’s career started as a young person with a utility knife in hand cutting tile in his father’s flooring installation business in Germany. He learned the flooring industry from the ground up, understanding what customers wanted and what it took to complete a successful project. Immigrating to the United States in 1995, Trissl was searching for a way to put his background in the flooring industry and entrepreneurial energy to work. He found a way to make his vision a reality by purchasing a flooring manufacturing facility in Florence, Alabama. 

Trissl founded Centiva in 1996 with an idea based on producing award- winning flooring designs in a world-class manner. After 17 years, Trissl sold Centiva to Tarkett, a Paris-based flooring corporation. 

Trissl formed HPS North America alongside Schönox, a company founded more than 125 years ago in Germany. Trissl began bringing Schönox products to the North American market under the name HPS Schönox. Having been in the luxury vinyl flooring business with Centiva he understood the profound need for strong subflooring solutions in the industry. Schönox has built its brand name internationally in more than 40 countries by delivering on its promises daily. Similarly, Trissl has built his reputation by valuing each relationship as a partnership and an opportunity for businesses to grow together.

Thomas Trissl

Meet Our Team

As a company, we are defined as much by our people and our values as we are by our products and technology. We’re natural-born problem solvers, backed by over 125 years of German ingenuity and driven forward by entrepreneurial American grit. Our passion for science and technology, combined with our expertise in construction, allows us to build better floors, better spaces, better relationships and better communities.

Our customers know us for our state-of-the-art products, but they remember us for answering the phone at five a.m., for showing up on a job site three states away and for never stopping short of perfection. When it comes to conquering critical, damaged and uneven substrates, Schönox is ÖN IT.

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2020 Schönox Van Design

HPS North America headquartered in Florence, Alabama.

over 130 years of flooring experience

2021 marks the 10-year anniversary of Schönox’s debut in the US, but the 130-year anniversary of Schönox’s operations internationally. In February 2011, Schönox HPS North America partnered with Schönox GmbH in Germany to introduce, market, and support Schönox subfloor products throughout the North American market. The strategic alliance allows Schönox to move with the flexibility of an entrepreneurial startup while supported by products refined by 130 years of intense research and development which continues to this day.

We’re glad you asked. Schönox provides solutions to challenging subfloor issues with a full line of primers, repair mortars, floor leveling compounds, and adhesives. Put simply, we solve subfloor problems.
Good Decisions depend on the information available to you. Whether you are renovating a room, a wing, or a facility, you want to know that your product selections are environmentally responsible and will perform well. Schönox produces primers, repair products, floor leveling compounds, adhesives, and waterproofing materials that can successfully take damaged, uneven subfloors through to finished floors ready for use. Allow us to brief you on the key aspects of Schönox that will inform your decisions and provide you with a better way to complete subfloor projects.

Schönox has been certified according to Quality standard ISO 9001 since 1995 and according to Environmental management standard ISO 14001 since 1999. In addition it supports the initiative Responsible Care of Chemical Industry (www.vci.de).

Quality and product stewardship

Our assortment of goods stands out due to innovative system solutions, at the same time taking into account ecological aspects. Being a member of the Gemeinschaft Emissionskontrollierte Verlegewerkstoffe (GEV), we offer a complete array of very low-emission glues according to EMICODE EC1 (www.emicode.com). For many years we have been generating more than 90% of our turnover in the case of floor glues with very low-emission products. Furthermore, all of the products manufactured by Schönox are low-chromate according to EU-RL 2003/53/EC.

Raw materials

Product stewardship begins with purchasing raw materials. In agreement with the Responsible Care and Product Stewardship initiatives, a system for avoiding and eliminating critical substances was implemented in AkzoNobel in 1996. Within the framework of suppliers’ assessment, the quality, environment and security standards of our suppliers undergo annual monitoring in order to minimise possible risks in advance.

Environmental protection

Since the implementation of our integrated management systems, we have recorded major success in respect of environmental protection. Today, product-integrated environmental protection and a more and more energy-efficient production process take centre stage in our activities. Environmental protection in Schönox focuses on:

  • preventive environmental protection;
  • saving resources (raw materials, energy and water); and
  • waste avoidance.

New – Now and Tomorrow

Every day, we are doing research in the field and in our laboratories developing better products, improved solutions, and new ideas. Our driving course is to never stand still with innovation.

Shared Experiences

We are in the field every day working with the people who make flooring projects happen. Our objective is to support our customers from initial project consultation through the execution of the work and on to the next opportunity working together step by step with our customers.

Transparent Products and Practices

We want our customers, associates, and stakeholders to have all of the information that they need about our products and operations to make informed decisions. A clear view of what we do and how we do it is at the heart of what we offer.

Hands On

Our hands get dirty. We want to be at the job site making sure customers have what they need, following up on details, and helping to solve problems.

Strong Values that get Strong Results

At the end of the day, we show who we are by what we do and accomplish. And that value depends on the results that are achieved for the customer.

Green Beyond Words

State of the art these days should mean that products are environmentally responsible and sustainable. The public is leery of claims. We create products that cut through the rhetoric and deliver on environmental promises.

Agility with Purpose

Customers need speed, but they also need that speed to produce results. We react to the needs of customers quickly and with acute focus.

Access for Impact

We ensure that customers have the information that they need and the ability to impact the company with their feedback. Customers have the ability to consult with associates that have varied competencies and skill sets throughout the organization.

Listening. Learning. Teaching.

We learn from and assist customers by visiting with them, looking at their job sites, and hearing about their challenges first hand. We want to share our knowledge about making projects successful, doing more in less time and doing it better.

An Enduring Legacy

Our products are made to last. We fix problems. We provide solutions. And we do all of this with the understanding that every project completed, every problem solved, and every solution provided builds a legacy in our brand name. That legacy is more important to us than any short term gain.